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Peer Assisted Learning Strategies
Elizabeth Hughes, The Pennsylvania State University & Emily Solari, University of Virginia
Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS) refers to a reciprocal peer tutoring routine intended to serve as supplemental instruction to support strong core curriculum. Guided by classroom teachers, PALS systematically incorporates cooperative learning, highly structured peer interactions, reinforcement of academic behaviors, and multiple opportunities to practice.

Tutorial #7: Decoding Instruction

Benita Blachman, Ph.D., (Syracuse University) and Maria S. Murray, Ph.D., (State University of New York Oswego)

Teaching Tutorial #7, Decoding Instruction, prepared by Benita Blachman, Ph.D., (Syracuse University) and Maria S. Murray, Ph.D., (State University of New York Oswego) provides a guide to teaching fundamental skills in early reading. It provides an introduction and overview of evidence-based procedures from learning phoneme-grapheme associations through sounding out simple and multi-syllable words. This tutorial was published in […]

Tutorial #6: Repeated Readings to Promote Fluency

Beth Harn, Ph.D., University of Oregon & David Chard, Ph.D., Southern Methodist University

In Teaching Tutorial # 6, our experts are Beth Harn, Ph.D., University of Oregon & David Chard, Ph.D., Southern Methodist University This Teaching Tutorial offers: Online tutorial covering What is Repeated Reading? How do we Know Repeated Reading is Effective? When Should we Employ Repeated Reading? What Should Teachers Consider in Designing Repeated Reading Instruction? What Repeated Reading Strategies can Teachers use to Promote Fluency? How […]

Tutorial #5: Progress Monitoring in Reading Using the CBM Maze Procedure

Todd Busch of Minnesota State University & Erica Lembke of the University of Missouri

In Teaching Tutorial # 5, your experts are Todd Busch of Minnesota State University & Erica Lembke of the University of Missouri Teaching Tutorial offers: Online tutorial covering: What is Curriculum-based measurement in reading using a Maze procedure? How do we know that CBM Maze is effective? When should one use CBM Maze? What does one need to prepare to use CBM Maze? How […]

Assessment Reading
Tutorial #4: Curriculum-Based Measurement in Reading: Oral Fluency Instruction

Erica Lembke of the University of Missouri & Todd Busch of Minnesota State University

Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) is a progress monitoring system that you can use in basic skills areas like reading, math, spelling, and written expression.

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Effective Practices for Reading Fluency

Melanie R. Kuhn - Boston University

Melanie Kuhn describes the importance of reading fluency, how to measure it, and what is known about effective practices.