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Tutorial #4: Curriculum-Based Measurement in Reading: Oral Fluency Instruction

In Teaching Tutorial # 4, our experts are Erica Lembke of the University of Missouri & Todd Busch of Minnesota State University

This Teaching Tutorial offers:

Online tutorial covering:

  1. What is Curriculum-Based Measurement in Reading?
  2. How do we know that Curriculum-Based Measurement in Reading is effective?
  3. When should one use Curriculum-Based Measurement in Reading?
  4. What does one need to prepare to use Curriculum-Based Measurement in Reading?
  5. How does one implement Curriculum-Based Measurement in Reading?
  6. How does one know whether Curriculum-Based Measurement in Reading is working?
  7. Where can one get additional information about Curriculum-Based Measurement?

TeachingLD provides examples of story situations, posters, diagrams, and lesson scripts for teacher use.

Additional resources on curriculum-based measurement can be found here.

Oral Fluency Tutorial PDF

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