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TeachingLD links visitors to these resources because they provide reliable information and are relevant for teachers of students with learning disabilities. Check here often for new information.

Current Practice Alerts

Current Practice Alerts

The Alerts series is a joint initiative sponsored by the Division for Learning Disabilities (DLD) and the Division for Research (DR), two divisions of the Council for Exceptional Children. Alerts provide timely and informed judgments regarding professional practices in the field. Learn more about the Alerts initiative and the instructional practices that have been examined so far. Members of the Division for Learning Disabilities receive printed color copies of the Alerts series as a benefit of membership.

Expert Connection

In the Expert Connection part of the site, TeachingLD provides answers to common questions about teaching students with learning disabilities. We solicit question (submit your own question), select those that are of general interest, and ask professionals with expertise about those specific aspects of learning disabilities to summarize—in practical terms—the research relevant to those questions. The Editors of TeachingLD have been supported by the un-compensated assistance of people with substantial knowledge and experience in preparing answers.

Teaching Tutorials

TeachingLD's on-line tutorials feature instructional strategies and practices proven to be effective for students with learning disabilities. Authored by leading experts, each tutorial offers you the latest knowledge on ways to improve student learning.

Designed for pre- and in-service teachers, principals, curriculum directors, paraprofessionals, tutors, psychologists, and others interested in powerful approaches to teaching, each tutorial takes readers through critical steps for implementation and offers additional resources. They provide step-by-step directions for implementation, include details about materials, and point readers to additional resources. Tutorials are a benefit of membership.

Hot Sheets

HotSheets are brief documents developed for DLD members to use in their classrooms and distribute in their schools. Each HotSheet focuses on one instructional topic and includes research-based information about basic purposes, facts, practices that are less effective, and practices that are more effective. HotSheets require subscriber access.


Learning Disabilities Research & Practice

The Learning Disabilities Research & Practice journal provides a forum for presentation of current research in the field of learning disabilities and acts as a vehicle for dissemination of information important to practitioners in the field. Sample a recent journal article, The Effects of Strategic Notetaking on the Recall and Comprehension of Lecture Information for High School Students with Learning Disabilities (PDF, 9 pg., 127 KB), and review abstracts of articles in published issues. Search for abstracts of articles currently “in press.” Members of the Division for Learning Disabilities receive the journal as a benefit of membership.

Thinking About Response to Intervention and Learning Disabilities: A Teacher's Guide

Thinking About Response to Intervention and Learning Disabilities: A Teacher's Guide

DLD's booklet about response to intervention (RTI) provides a concise, teacher-friendly overview of this current topic in learning disabilities. The booklet describes both the conceptual basis for RTI and its implications for practice. It's appropriate for professional development programs as well as individual use. Only $4.95 for individual copies (10 or more $ 4.50 each or 50 or more $3.95 each).

Teacher's Guide

Thinking About Inclusion and Learning Disabilities: A Teacher's Guide

Produced by the DLD, this teacher’s guide highlights the most current thinking and research on learning disabilities and inclusion and explains what a classroom is like to a child with learning disabilities. The guide also shows teachers how their classroom structures and instructional practices affect their students. View the table of contents or download the complete booklet (PDF, 25 pgs, 110 KB) The paper copy of this booklet is out of print.