Much of DLD’s work is accomplished by committees, each of which is charged with duties specified in the organization’s bylaws. Committees are composed of a chair and members, each of whom serves a three-year term. Committee chairs are appointed by the president with the advice of the Executive Board and the chairs, in turn, appoint at least six members of their committees in a rotation so that one third of the membership is new each year. To be a member of a committee, one must be a member of DLD; those members who are interested in joining a committee should contact the appropriate committee chair directly or DLD’s executive director.

Publications and Communications Committee

Kristen Beach, Chairperson

Sarah Watt, Miami University, Oxford OH
Shaqwana Freeman-Green, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Debbie Holzberg, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Abby Allen, Clemson University
Sarah Powell, University of Texas, Austin
Bridgette Gordon Hickey, Associate Executive Director of Student Support Services, LEARN
Vicki VanUitert, University of Virginia
Ann Jolly, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

The Publications and Communications Committee

  • Coordinates the publication of the Division’s professional journal (Learning Disabilities Research and Practice) and newsletter (New Times for DLD);
  • Reviews the publications structure of the Division;
  • Recommends to the Executive Board the publications which should be issued by the Division;
  • Recommends policies and procedures related to their growth and development; and
  • Assumes responsibilities for the Samuel A. Kirk Awards, the Division’s annual awards which recognize excellence in professional journal articles that have been published in Learning Disabilities Research and Practice.

Research Committee

Michael Solis, Chairperson

Alison Boardman, University of Colorado – Boulder
Jessica Toste, University of Texas at Austin
Amy Boelé, University of Colorado – Boulder
Stephanie Morano, University of Virginia

The Research Committee

  • Reviews current research in the field of learning disabilities and related disciplines, and reports noteworthy findings to the membership through Division publications;
  • Encourages the continuation of quality research in the field of learning disabilities;
  • Takes responsibility for procedures with regard to the Annual Dissertation Award.

Professional Development, Standards, and Ethics Committee

Elizabeth Hughes, Chairperson

Kelley Regan, George Mason University
Alyson Collins, Texas State University
Abigail Allen, Clemson University
Michelle Popham, Clemson University
Endia Lindo, Texas Christian University

The Professional Development, Standards, and Ethics Committee

  • Advocates for appropriate standards to maintain high quality education and services for persons with learning disabilities;
  • Promotes high quality teacher training and delivery of educational, therapeutic, and social services to individuals with learning disabilities;
  • Promulgates activities which will disseminate good practices;
  • Participates in appropriate committees or commissions which are developing or reviewing standards of performance for professionals in the field of learning disabilities and related fields;
  • Advocates for ethical practice in the field of learning disabilities;
  • Assumes responsibility for procedures for awarding the Jeannette Fleischner Career Achievement Award and the Outstanding Educator of the Year Award. 

Membership Committee

Emily Solari, Chairperson, University of Virginia

Michael Hebert, Assistant Professer, Univ. of Nebraska
Diana Morales, Placement Specialist at Neva King Cooper Educational Center
Debbie Holzberg, Doctoral Student, Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte

The Membership Committee

  • Encourages and monitors the development of subdivisions and assists subdivisions in their continuing activities;
  • Coordinates with the Council for Exceptional Children to monitor and encourage increase in Division membership.

Public Policy Committee

David Bateman, Chairperson, Shippensburg University

Lisa Goran, Truman State University
Elizabeth Harkins, University of Pittsburgh
Abigail Allen, Clemson University

The Public Policy Committee

  • Studies legislative and governmental affairs relative to needs and proposals regarding learning disabilities;
  • Advises the DLD Executive Board about the need to develop position papers on behalf of persons with learning disabilities or the profession;
  • Distributes legislative information and action alerts to the DLD Executive Board and designated subdivision CAN contacts;
  • Establishes and maintains contact with the Public Policy unit of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC);
  • Establishes and maintains a CAN network and communication system with DLD subdivisions on an annual basis.

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Committee

Peishi Wang, Chairperson

Regina Brandon, CLD Committee Member
Melissa Driver, Kennesaw State University
Julie Brown, Portland State University

The Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Committee

  • Develops strategies and activities to recruit DLD members from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds;
  • Increases publications concerning diverse populations;
  • Involves DLD within the International Network.

Student Activities

Kristi Baker, Student Representative

The Student Activities

  • DLD’s Student Representative serves as a liason to CEC, sits (ex officio) on DLD’s executive board, and coordinates student activities for DLD.