Supplemental Resources for Schema-based Strategy Instruction

Schemas in Problem Solving (Hardcover) by Sandra P. Marshall

Mathematics Education for Students With Learning Disabilities: Theory to Practice (Paperback) by Diane Pedrotty Rivera (Editor)

Teaching Mathematics to Students With Learning Disabilities (Paperback)
by Nancy S. Bley, Carol A. Thornton

Promoting Strategic Learning by Eighth-Grade Students Struggling in Mathematics: A Report of Three Case Studies
Deborah L. Butler, Beverly Beckingham, and Helen J. Novak Lauscher
University of British Columbia. (PDF – You’ll need Acrobat Reader to download.)

Writing in Mathematics: An Alternative Form of Communication for Academically Low-Achieving Students
Juliet A. Baxter, University of Oregon; John Woodward, University of Puget Sound; Deborah Olson, University of Oregon. (PDF – You’ll need Acrobat Reader to download.)

Bennett, P. & Rule, A.C. (2005) Hands-On Long Division with Skittles for Students with Learning DisabilitiesTEACHING Exceptional Children Plus1(5) Article 2. (PDF – You’ll need Acrobat Reader to download.)