2021 Student Posters

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DLD sponsors special competitions for students to present their research during the DLD’s reception at the annual meeting of the Council for Exceptional Children. Initiated in 2006 by then student representative Catherine A. Griffith, these sessions have become a regular feature at DLD receptions. They provide an opportunity for students to present research to a large body of interested visitors including many eminent scholars in the area of learning disabilities. Since we were not able to meet in person at the 2021 CEC Conference this year our students have graciously prepared videos of their posters.

A Message from DLD 2021 President Bill Therrien

Title: Reading Comprehension Interventions for Students with Learning Disabilities in Grades 6-12: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Author: Kelly Acosta (Kacosta@ufl.edu)

Title: Characteristics of Students Who Insufficiently Benefit from Intensive Reading Comprehension Intervention: A Literature Review

Author: Britta Cook Bresina (bresi016@umn.edu)

Title: Targeted Teacher PD Can Support Science Knowledge Gains Among Students with Intersectional Identities

Author: Lindsay M. Carlisle (lmc8ff@virginia.edu), Victoria J. VanUitert (vv3ty@virginia.edu), & Sean D. McDonald (sdm6we@virginia.edu)

Title: Characteristics of Secondary Mathematical Word Problem Intervention Studies: A Systematic Research Synthesis

Author: Nora McKenney (nmckenne@masonlive.gmu.edu)

Title: How Effective are Manipulative-Based Interventions for Improving Students with Mathematics Difficulties on Math Addition and Subtraction?

Author: Zhina Shen (zns@utexas.edu)

Title: Middle School Teachers’ Planned Instructional Support for Students with Learning Disabilities: A Content Analysis

Author: Cassandra Smith (cmmmcb@mail.missouri.edu) & Rachel Juergensen

Title: Spelling Interventions for Elementary and Secondary Students with Learning Disabilities: A Systematic Review

Author: Reagan Murnan (rmurnan@gmu.edu)

Title: Disproportionality and RTI: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Author: Lauren N. Wong (laurenwong@ufl.edu)

Title: Examining the Relation Between Whole Numbers and Fractions: A Meta-Analytic Structural Equation Modeling Approach

Author: Xin Lin (xin.lin@utexas.edu)