DLD Positions on Issues in Learning Disabilities


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From time to time, the executive board of the Division for Learning Disabilities (DLD) examines current issues in learning disabilities and states DLD's position about them. The purpose of stating the board's positions is to inform the membership of DLD as well as the general public, including other educators and policy makers. DLD publishes those statements here where they are available for free download. DLD encourages people to disseminate them by referring others to this Web location. 


  • Position paper #2: Essential Components of Special Education for English Language Learners With Learning Disabilities
    Janette Klingner, University of Colorado, Amy Boelé, University of Colorado, Sylvia Linan-Thompson, University of Texas-Austin, & Diane Rodriguez, Fordham University
    March, 2014
  • Position paper #1: Intensive Interventions for Students With Learning Disabilities in the RTI Era
    Sharon Vaughn, University of Texas at Austin, Rebecca Zumeta, American Institutes for Research, Jeanne Wanzek, Florida State University, Bryan Cook, University of Hawaii, & Janette Klingner, University of Colorado Boulder
    February, 2014