Accessing the Members' Resources

If you're a member, you need to complete a two-step login process to gain access to the members' resources. TeachingLD depends on the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) for up-to-date records about members' status so, after logging in with TLD, you complete a second check to verify your membership status via CEC's database. These are the steps.

  1. At the top right of the page, log into the TeachingLD site using your TLD credentials.
    • The TLD username and password can be whatever you want, but we recommend making them the same as your CEC credentials.
    • This step simply gets one access to the TLD main—not members'—resources.
    • If the top-right box shows "you are logged in as..." someone, you can skip this step.

  2. When you've logged into the TLD site, scroll to the bottom and click on "Members' Home" in the light blue print.
    • Clicking this link will signal the TLD system that you want access to the members' resources.
    • You could actually click any of the light-blue links, depending on which resource you're planning to use; the one you click will be the one that will appear after successful completion of the third step.

  3. Enter your CEC credentials in the resulting log-in window.
    • Note how the text just above the log-in form indicates that permission to view members' resources is required? This is where you gain the permission!
    • The system will check your CEC username and password against the CEC records and, if they match and your DLD dues are up to date, you'll be granted permission to enter the members' resources.

Enjoy your access to the resources available to members. These include not only those that are listed in light blue in the navigation links at the bottom of each page, but also those shown in yellow. If you need assistance, write to WebHelp@TeachingLD.org.