Some Notes on the History of DLD

The Division for Learning Disabilities (DLD) was organized in 1983 to promote the education and general welfare of people with Learning Disabilities, and it was recognized by the Board of Governors of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) 1 July 1983. After a two-year charter period and developing a constitution and by-laws (since amended), DLD applied for and received status as a Division within CEC.

In 2008 in Boston (MA, US) at the celebration of DLD's 25th anniversary, President Kathleen J. Marshall welcomed hundreds of guest with the message that follows.  

Many volunteers have served DLD over the years. On a different page, DLD acknowledges people who have been elected treasurer for the organization. Listed to the right of President Marshall's remarks are the names of people of have served as president of DLD (updated through 2016).

DLD President Year of
Sister Marie Grant (d) 1983-1985
Carol Weller (d) 1985-1986
Harold McGrady 1986-1987
Sharon Vaughn 1987-1988
Jeannette Fleischner (d) 1988-1989
Robert Abbott (d) 1989-1990
Cathy Barlow 1990-1991
Jean Lokerson (d) 1991-1992
Elise Blankenship 1992-1993
Cynthia Terry 1993-1994
Esther Minskoff 1994-1995
Candace Bos (d) 1995-1996
Cheri Hoy 1996-1997
Donald Deshler 1997-1998
Daniel P. Hallahan 1998-1999
Jean B. Schumaker 1999-2000
Edward Martin 2000-2001
Charles Hughes 2001-2002
Naomi Zigmond 2002-2003
Edwin Ellis 2003-2004
Susan Osborne 2004-2005
John Wills Lloyd 2005-2006
Karen J. Rooney 2006-2007
Kathleen J. Marshall 2007-2008
Rollanda O'Connor 2008-2009
Linda Siegel 2009-2010
Michael Gerber 2010-2011
Paul Riccomini 2011-2012
Janette Klingner (d) 2012-2013
Erica Lembke 2013-2014
David Chard 2014-2015
Laurie deBettencourt 2015-2016
As President of the Division for Learning Disabilities, I am pleased to welcome you to this celebration of the organization's 25th anniversary. The Division for Learning Disabilities (DLD) began its formal existence at a meeting of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) in 1983 when a group of eminent figures in our discipline—Carrie Brodie, William Cruickshank, and Samuel Kirk—formed an ad hoc committee and petitioned CEC on behalf of themselves and other members of CEC to form DLD.
In the 25 years since those leaders' efforts on behalf of students with Learning Disabilities, DLD has pursued its mission in many ways. In cooperation with Blackwell Publishing, DLD publishes the widely respected Learning Disabilities Research & Practice. It distributes a newsletter, once called the DLD Times and recently re-christened New Times for DLD, to members. In collaboration with the Division for Research, it develops and publishes Current Practice Alerts which are timely and informed reports about professional practices in the field. It provides an extensive Web site, TeachingLD, that is visited by tens of thousands of browsers every month. And these are only a few of DLD's activities.
At the time of DLD's inception, Learning Disabilities was experiencing rapid growth. As a relatively new category of disability, there was substantial emphasis on identifying students who required special education because of Learning Disabilities and extensive interest in research about the nature and treatment of Learning Disabilities. Today, there is renewed concern about prevention of Learning Disabilities and the discipline supports an extensive research base.
I welcome you to join DLD as we pursue the improvement of educational outcomes for students with Learning Disabilities and the general welfare of individuals with LD.
Kathleen J. Marshall
President, 2006-2007