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TeachingLD provides answers to common questions about teaching students with learning disabilities. We solicit questions (submit your own question), select those that are of general interest, and ask professionals with expertise about those specific aspects of learning disabilities to summarize—in practical terms—the research relevant to those questions. The Editors of TeachingLD have been supported by the un-compensated assistance of people with substantial knowledge and experience in preparing answers.

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Transition 1: What Laws Affect Transition?—Jennifer Lindstrom

Q: “I work with students with learning disabilities at the high school level. Many of them are hoping to attend college but few know what to expect. I am not sure how to help them. Can you provide some information about the transition?”—Timothy, Va.

Timothy, TeachingLD looked at the literature and posted our own poll on this topic. It appears you are not alone. Many special educators, students, and parents do not know what to expect when it comes to services for students with disabilities in higher education. The topic of transition is so broad that we decided to answer your question in a series of Expert Connection articles. Each article will address a different aspect of transition, including what services are provided, how to get services, and what study skills may make the transition go smoothly. Jennifer Lindstrom, a member of the faculty in special education at the University of Georgia and an expert in this area, has written our series. We hope that you will check back for all of the responses.