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TeachingLD provides answers to common questions about teaching students with learning disabilities. We solicit questions (submit your own question), select those that are of general interest, and ask professionals with expertise about those specific aspects of learning disabilities to summarize—in practical terms—the research relevant to those questions. The Editors of TeachingLD have been supported by the un-compensated assistance of people with substantial knowledge and experience in preparing answers.

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Memory: What Can Teachers do to Help Students Remember Things?—Frederick Brigham

Q:My kids seem to know something one day and forget it the next. It's like their memories are leaky buckets. They just can't hold onto what they learn. How can I help them retain things? Brian, San Francisco, CA
Editors’ Note
For an answer to this question, we turned to Frederick J. Brigham (Curry School of Education, University of Virginia), author of a recent Current Practice Alert on mnemonic strategies (DLD members can find the Alert in the Members Only area, plus a detailed Teaching Tutorial on mnemonic instruction). We appreciate Rick’s compassionate, commonsensical, and empirically-grounded response. He’s also provided some useful resources at the end of his comments.
A:Dr. Frederick J. Brigham of the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia provides techniques that teachers can use to promote retention plus resources for learning more about tackling memory deficits. He describes practice, mnemonics, enthusiastic teaching, and more. Read on!