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TeachingLD provides answers to common questions about teaching students with learning disabilities. We solicit questions (submit your own question), select those that are of general interest, and ask professionals with expertise about those specific aspects of learning disabilities to summarize—in practical terms—the research relevant to those questions. The Editors of TeachingLD have been supported by the un-compensated assistance of people with substantial knowledge and experience in preparing answers.

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Curriculum-Based Measures: Are There Ways to Use CBM in Content Areas?—Christine Espin

Q:"I'm a big fan of using curriculum-based measures for evaluating progress in reading and other skill areas, but I need help with using the same ideas for evaluating students' learning in middle- and high-school content. How can I use CBM for mastering science or social studies?" Ken, Denver, CO
A:Dr. Christine Espin of the College of Education at the University of Minnesota, an expert on many uses of formative evaluation, addresses this question. After she provides background about monitoring progress, she explains exactly how to create and use measures for assessing progress in content areas as well as providing cautions about appropriate use of them