Thinking About Inclusion and Learning Disabilities: A Teacher's Guide

by Katherine Garnett

Available from the Council for Exceptional Children

Table of Contents



The Symposium
The Broader Context
How You Fit In
Why This Symposium? (The elephant stories)

Some Questions

What are General Education Classrooms Really Like?

  • Ideas to Investigate

What are Classrooms like for Students with Learning Disabilities?

  • Ideas to Investigate

What Happens when Schools and Classrooms Undergo a Sustained Process of Change and are Structured Significantly Differently?

  • Investigate the Ecologies of Special Class Settings Ideas to Investigate

What Makes Changing Schools and Classrooms (Among other Social Institutions) so Difficult?

  • Ideas to Investigate

What do Students with learning Disabilities Really Need?

What are the Rightful Purposes of Special Education for Students with Learning Disabilities?

Some Conclusions