New and Noteworthy

  • Going to TED? New Orleans?

    Join DLD for a mini-conference! Strands on reading, writing, math, and teacher preparation.

    Register here

    Where: Crowne Plaza New Orleans French Quarter
    When: November 7, 2019 @ 5-8pm
    Registration: Opens April 1st ($50 for teachers & students; $75 for faculty)

  • And the winners are...

    Congratulations to all of our DLD Award winners! 

    Samual A. Kirk Award for a Research Article: Baker, D.L., Richards-Tutor, C., Sparks, A., & Canges, R. (2018)

    Samual A. Kirk Award for Practice Article: Schumacher, R.F., Jayanthi, M., Gersten, R., Dimino, J., Spallone, S., & Haymond, M.S. (2018)

    Jeannette E. Fleischner Career Leadership Award: Dr. Asha Jitendra

    Marva Collins Diversity Award: Anna Elise Kay

    Outstanding Educators of the Year Award: Dr. Kelly Grillo and Corali de Pablos

    You work so hard each day to improve the lives of those with Learning Disabilities and we appreciate all that you do!  To learn more about our esteemed recipients, check out the Awards page and our Blog!

  • DLD @ CEC 2019, Indianapolis

    Thank you to everyone who made CEC 2019 a success!  DLD was quite busy in Indy.  With committee meetings, sessions, the DLD Showcase, and our Student Poster Session and Reception there was never a dull moment!  Catch up about these events and more through our Blog!

  • DLD Welcomes the 2018-2019 Executive Board

    Kristin Sayeski moves into her new role as Current President, Michael Faggella-Luby steps up as President Elect, and William Therrien is appointed as Vice President.  We appreciate all of the work of Stephanie Al Otaiba as she moves to Past President.  DLD also welcomes new Executive Director Miriam Ortiz!  We look forward to a busy and productive year advancing the mission of DLD!  Find out more about how YOU can get involved with DLD by contacting one of our Board members here.

  • Let your voice be heard: Complete the NCLD survey!

    If you are a parent or educator of students with LD, we’d love to hear from you!  We at DLD, along with the National Council of Learning Disabilities (NCLD) and other LD organizations, are trying to better understand the processes being used in different states and districts to determine which students have LD. We’d like to know what has worked well and where there are challenges. Please complete this short survey and help us make sure our policy work is informed by the real experiences of parents, educators, and students.

  • New Alert for Brain-Based Learning!

    Want to know about the efficacy of brain-based learning techniques?  Click here to find out if you should go for it or use caution!

  • The newest issue of New Times for DLD is out! 

    Click here to read about DLD's contributions to research, learn how DLD supports pre-service teachers, preview the coming DLD events at CEC in Tampa, and more!

  • New leadership!

    Stephanie Al Otaiba takes over as President. Read her President's Message here. Kristin Sayeski starts her term as Vice President. Kristi Baker begins as the new Student Representative.

    A huge thank you to Linda Mason who moves to Past President and Laurie deBettencourt who moves off the Board.

    Find out more about how YOU can get involved with DLD by contacting one of our Board members here

  • Interested in getting involved in DLD?

    We are always looking for members to work with committees, submit to LDR&P, suggest work for TeachingLD.org, and potentially run for office. Please visit Our People under About Us to find out more about our work! Click here

  • Math Intervention

    Interested in math? Read what Professors Sarah Powell and Lynn Fuchs wrote recently regarding Intensive Intervention in Mathematics for DLD's journal, Learning Disabilities Research & Practice.

  • New Alert available!

    Wendy Cavendish and Kristen Hodnett evaluate the evidence for Collaborative Strategic Reading (Go for it!). You can find it here

  • Voices from the Field

    How did Naomi Zigmond, Sharon Vaughn, and Donald Deshler get their starts in special education? What do they think are the implications of their work for the contemporary study of LD? DLD members can watch video clips of them explaining at TLD's new feature in the Videos section!

  • CCCS Free Resource

    In Reconciling the CCSS with Realities of Learning Disabilities, Louisa Moats raised important questions regarding students with learning disabilities and the widely discussed Common Core State Standards (CCSS). You can download and read her important commentary right here. 

  • On Thursday 4 April 2013, at the annual business meeting of the Division for Learning Disabilities of the Council for Exceptional Children, Past President Paul Ricominni announced that Laurie deBettencourt was elected vice president and Margaret (Peggy) Weiss was re-elected treasurer. The newly elected officers will begin their terms 1 July 2013. 

  • Teaching Decoding

    Members! Subscribers! See the new Teaching Tutorial by Benita Blachman and Maria Murray about teaching decoding effectively. If you're already logged in, you can jump right from here!