Gerber, Riccomini, and Bright elected to DLD Executive Board

Michael M. Gerber, Paul C. Riccomini, and Kimberly Bright have been elected to the executive board of the Division for Learning Disabilities (DLD), Past President Kathleen Marshall announced. They will serve in the offices of president elect, vice president, and treasurer, respectively, with their terms beginning 1 July 2009.

"This was a challenging election," said DLD Executive Director John Lloyd. "After Ken Kavale's death, we had our second election in a row in which we had to fill two vacancies in the presidential line. Every year we elect a new vice president and either the treasurer or secretary, but this year we also had to elect a president elect. Kathleen Marshall created an outstanding slate of candidates and the members voted in three strong officers."

Gerber will take office 1 July 2009 and serve as president elect for 2009-2010, president for 2010-2011, and past president from 2011-2012. For Gerber, who received a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia and, until recently, served as chair of the special education program at the University of California Santa Barbara, the election marks his return to the executive board. He previously served as chair of the publications committee.

Riccomini will take office 1 July 2009 as vice president of DLD. Riccomini received a Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University and currently teaches special education at Clemson University. He will serve as vice-president for 2009-2010, president elect for 2010-2011, president from 2011-2012, and past president for 2012-2013.

Bright was re-elected to the office of treasurer. Bright, who also has a Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University and teaches special education at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, has helped DLD make its procedures more systematic and streamlined. She will hold the office of treasurer for a two-year term ending June 2011.


The DLD executive board appreciates the participation of the members in this election. There will be elections for a new vice-president and a secretary in the coming year. Past President Rollanda O'Connor will be seeking nominations for those offices in the coming months. Please feel free to nominate candidates by sending a note via TeachingLd's contact form.

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