2007 Call for Nominations

Karen RooneyDLD's Past President, Karen Rooney, is soliciting nominations for vice president and secretary for DLD. The terms of the offices begin in July 2008. The secretary serves a two-year term, and the vice president serves over four years, moving from vice president to president-elect, president, and past president in successive years.

All officers must be members in good standing of The Council for Exceptional Children at the time of their nomination and election and remain so throughout the duration of their term in office. However, nominees will have time to check or establish their membership status before the election.

As a part of the duties, both the vice president and the secretary serve as voting members of DLD's executive board, so they must be available to attend board meetings (usually fall, winter, and spring). DLD's constitution and by-laws describe the duties of the offices.

Please direct nominations to Karen J. Rooney at Edenterinc [at] aol.com. She will contact nominees to ensure that only those who wish to run for an office will appear on the ballot. You may also submit nominations via TLD's contact form.

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