DLD Times: 37 (2)

September 2019

37 (2)

Date: September 2019
Editor: Shaqwana Freeman-Green, UNC Greensboro
  • Word Problems? No Problem! Helping Students to Set Up and Solve Word Problems - Featured Article
    Sarah R. Powell & Katherine A. Berry

    An important way students demonstrate mathematics competency is through solving word problems. In this brief, we describe effective word-problem instruction for students with a mathematics learning difficulty (MLD) to better equip educators with the appropriate content knowledge to support their most vulnerable students.

  • Division of Learning Disabilities Student Poster Showcase: CEC 2019 - Chapter Highlight

    An overwhelming number of graduate and undergraduate students submitted posters for submission in our Division of Learning Disabilities Student Poster Showcase at CEC 2019 in Indianapolis.  

  • Points of Pride: Membership Accomplishments - Points of Pride

    Highlighting our members and their continued contributions and success within the field.

  • Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act - Policy Note

    With IDEA reauthorization off the table, for the time being, DLD members need to pay attention to the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. The following are facts related to the need for higher education, along with recommendations related to the reauthorization of the law.

  • DLD Research Committee Update - Standing Announcements

    A brief update from the DLD Research Committee on awards, changes to membership, and upcoming presentations.