New Times for DLD

New Times for DLD is the official newsletter of the Division for Learning Disabilities (DLD). It is published three times per year (fall, winter, and spring) and is distributed to members of DLD for free. A few articles from it are sometimes made available to the public. For example, see Louisa Moats's widely discussed examination of the Common Core State Standards

  • 36 (2)

    Date: September 2018
    Editor: Sarah J. Watt, Miami University and Shaqwana Freeman-Green, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • 36 (1)

    Date: January 2018
    Editor: Sarah J. Watt & Shaqwana Freeman-Green
  • 35 (2)

    Date: August 2017
    Editor: Sarah Watt, Miami University
    • Educational Technology for Diverse Learners - Featured Article
      Tara L. Kaczorowski, Illinois State University

      This article describes how teachers can provide multiple means for representation, expression, and engagement using flexible tools that allow for the embedding of more individualized supports including AT and elements of explicit instruction.  When selecting tools specifically for representation, such as video, audio, images, and text, teachers need to consider how multimedia interacts to help students process, connect, and generalize new information.  The author describes feasible and research-based strategies to support diverse learners in inclusive settings through the use of educational technology.

    • Do Research Findings Apply to My Students? Examining Study Samples and Sampling - Research to Practice
      Bryan G. Cook & Lysandra Cook, University of Hawaii

      Special educators are encouraged to use research to inform their instruction. However, it can be difficult to tell whether and how research findings apply to one’s own students. In the current issue of Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, Cook and Cook (2017; http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/ldrp.12132/full) discussed two approaches for examining the degree to which research findings apply to one’s students: the classical generalization model and the case-to-case transferability model.  

    • DLD Shares Evidence-Based Practices in Cuba - Chapter Highlight
      Stephanie Al Otaiba

      The DLD board members who traveled to Havana at the International Congress on Teacher Training and Education Research Docencia Conference held from the 25th through the 29th of October share their experiences and learning. Hosted for the first time ever in Cuba, the conference included 29 Americans joining over 400 scholars from across Latin America.  

  • 35 (1)

    Date: February 2017
    Editor: Sarah J. Watt, Miami University and Shaqwana Freeman-Green, Illinois State
    • Feature Article - Featured Article
      Debra G. Holzberg

      Teaching Self-Advocacy and Conflict Resolution Skills to Access Accommodations to Students with Learning Disabilities in Postsecondary Education 

    • Research News You Can Use - Research to Practice
      Bryan G. Cook & Lysandra Cook

      Research Designs and Special Education Research:

      Different Designs Address Different Questions

    • Brief Report from the Treasurer - Standing Announcements
      Peggy Weiss

      2016-2017 Treasurer’s Report

    • Baby Green Announcement - Chapter Highlight

      Congratulations to co-editor of New Times, Shaqwana Freeman-Green!

    • DLD Call for Posters - Standing Announcements
      Carlos Lavin
      Call for Student Posters - Division for Learning Disabilities
      Annual Convention of the Council for Exceptional Children
      April 19-22, 2017 – Boston, Massachusetts
    • Update from the DLD Research Committee - Standing Announcements
      Bryan G. Cook

      Brief report from the DLD Research Committee.

  • Volume 34 (2)

    Date: August 2016
    Editor: Sarah J. Watt, Miami University and Shaqwana Freeman-Green, Illinois State University
  • Volume 34(1)

    Date: March 2016
    Editor: Mira Cole Williams, James Madison University; Sarah J. Watt, Miami University
  • Volume 33(1)

    Date: March 2015
    Editor: Mira Cole Williams, James Madison University; Sarah J. Watt, Miami University
  • Volume 32(3)

    Date: November 2014
    Editor: Dr. Mira Cole Williams, James Madison University ; Dr. Sarah Watt, Miami University Ohio
  • Volume 32(1)

    Date: March 2014
    Editor: Mira Cole Williams, University of Virginia
  • Volume 29(2)

    Date: June 2011
    Editor: Shannon Gormley-Budin, Buffalo State College
    • DLD Secretary Report - Chapter Highlight
      Michael Faggella-Luby

      Michael Faggella-Luby, DLD Secretary, shares with us the transitions and collaborations taking place within the DLD community.