Publications Report

Bill Therrien

Publications and Communications

By Bill Therrien

DLD has been busy over the past year publishing material we hope is of value to you.

Two position papers were published in February and March of this year. In the first paper, Sharon Vaughn and colleagues examine effective practices for students with LD within the context of RTI. They strongly make the case that students with LD, “... need intensive individual interventions based on the best available evidence to help them improve in their areas of need...”

The second position paper, authored by Janette Klingner and colleagues, delineates essential instructional components of special education for English Language Learners. Along with the position papers, a new Current Practice Alert on Learning Styles has recently been released. All these resources and more are available for you on our website: TeachingLD.org.

I am pleased to announce that Sarah Watt from Miami Uni- versity has graciously agreed to assume the New Times for DLD

Co-Editor role, and is now working alongside Mira Cole Williams, the New Times current Editor.

Speaking of the New Times, we completed our transition to an all-electronic format this past year. Many thanks go to John Lloyd, DLD Executive Director/Web Editor, and Peggy Weiss, DLD Treasurer/Web Editor for overseeing this transition.

Last, I would like to thank the members of the Publications Committee, Shaqwana Freeman-Green, Kristen Ashworth, Delinda van Garderen, Douglas Dexter and Hank Fien, for all their hard work. The publications committee had a lot on its plate this last year and I anticipate that the workload will only increase this coming year as we diligently work to provide DLD members with the information they need to work effectively with, and advocate for students with learning disabilities.

Please email me at Pubs@TeachingLD.org with questions, comments or ideas you have about publications provided by DLD.