Publications and Communications Committee Chair Report

William Therrien

I am pleased to report some updates in regards to DLD’s publication and my committee over the past year.

The Samuel A. Kirk award for excellence in journal articles published in Learning Disabilities Research and Practice (LDRP) was given to two author teams in April 2017. Robin Codding, Amanda VanDerHeyden, Ryan Martin, Sheila Desai, Noelle Allard, & Leigh Perrault won the award for best research article for their article entitled, “Manipulating Treatment Dose: Evaluating the Frequency of a Small Group Intervention Targeting Whole Number Operations.” Bryan Cook and Lysandra Cook won the award for best practitioner article for their piece entitled, “Research Designs and Special Education Research: Different Designs Address Different Questions.” Congrats to all!

LDRPcontinues to maintain its high visibility in special education and the field of learning disabilities. During 2016, our articles were downloaded close to one hundred thousand times. Interestedly almost half of those downloads were from outside of the United States with Europe and Australia being the regions outside of the U.S. with the most downloads.

Thanks to the great work of our Editor, Linda Mason, and her team, LDRP’s impact factor continues to rise and was at 1.25 (2-year impact) for 2016. We also have over 4,000 institutions that have purchase access to LDRP with almost a thousand of these licenses being new in 2016! Based on these key markers, it is more than apparent that LDRP is a top tier journal that is making a significant impact in the U.S. and abroad.

There was, however, one disappointing note for me in the latest LDRP publishing report. Only 76 of our downloads were made via our app. Did you know LDRP has its own app? It is a great way to stay on top of the latest research and practitioner articles published in LDRP. Check it out, download it free from Apple’s ITunes store, and have LDRP articles available to you wherever you go. LDRP has also added ‘early view’ so you can read articles before they hit the print edition of the journal. See the journal’s website to access the articles: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/(ISSN)1540-5826.

In other news, there are several new Current Practice Alerts available for you to download on teachingld.org. An alert on self-monitoring authored by Pena Bedesem, Brian Barber and Tonya Santangelo was published this past summer and an alert on collaborative strategic reading authored by Wendy Cavendish and Kristen Hodnett was released last winter. Both these practices were given the ‘Go for it’ designation.

Please email me at Pubs@TeachingLD.org with questions, comments or ideas you have about publications provided by DLD.

Bill Therrien

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