It has been a busy and exciting year in the life of DLD!

Michael Faggella-Luby

It has been a busy and exciting year in the life of DLD!


The 2015-2016 academic year was an exciting year for DLD with transitions among the DLD Executive Board, Michael Faggella-Lubyconferences attended by members, collaborations with organizations interested in students with specific learning disabilities, awards distinguishing members, and planning for future endeavors on behalf of DLD members and individuals with learning disabilities.

Leadership Transitions

New Officers began their terms on the DLD Executive Board on July 1, 2016. Linda Mason is now DLD President with Laurie de Bettencourt now serving as the past-President to replace David Chard. Stephanie Al Otaiba is now the President-elect leaving her position to newly elected Vice President Jeannie Wanzek. Finally, Michael Faggella-Luby was elected Secretary and Peggy Weiss remains for her second year as Treasurer.

Additionally, the Executive Board welcomed Devin Kearns as the new Membership Chair joining DLD committee chairs William (Bill) Therrien (Publications), David Bateman (Policy), Bryan Cook (Research), Diane Rodriguez (Cultural and Linguistic Diversity), and Rebecca Zumeta Edmonds (Professional Development, Standards, and Ethics). Carlos Lavin is the new Student Representative succeeding Alex Miller.

The Executive Board also welcomed Nancy Mamlin as the interim Executive Director replacing John Lloyd, as well as Sarah Watt and Shaqwana Freeman-Green as co-editors of New Times DLD newsletter. Linda Mason is the new editor of DLD’s peer-reviewed journal LDR&P. Additionally, LDR&P now has its own App live and available for DLD members. For more see: https://appsto.re/us/MawDab.i

Fall 2015: Collaboration in Las Vegas

The DLD board conducts three formal meetings each year to fulfill the DLD mission of education, advocacy, and outreach. This year the Executive Board collaborated with the Council of Learning Disabilities (CLD) for a fall conference hosted at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. Thanks to the many DLD members who joined us for presentations, fellowship and fun!

A highlight of the conference included then DLD President Laurie de Bettencourt and Publications Chair Bill Therren joining CLD President Diane Pedrotty Bryant and CLD Vice President Deborah Reed for a joint session The Changing Nature of Teacher Preparation: Implications for Teaching Students with LD. The session focused on the changing roles of special educators working with students with learning disabilities to provide intensive instruction and pass curriculum standards.

Winter 2016: Virtual Collaboration

The Winter DLD meeting was held virtually to discuss the transition of the Executive Director. The group worked to define a vision for the new position, describe related duties, and to determine where and how to find the right person for the position.

Spring 2016: CEC International Conference in St. Louis

We invited you to “Meet me in St. Louis!” and many members did for the 2016 CEC Conference. The conference provides a venue for professional learning, networking, and opportunities to share problem-solving tips for anyone interested in individuals with disabilities.

Each year, DLD presents a Showcase session to highlight research-based practices in the field of learning disabilities. Returning for an encore performance, the DLD Showcase session this year was Do This, Not That!, Part 2: Differentiating Tier 2 and Tier 3 presented by Devin Kearns, Chris Lemons, Sarah Conoyer, and Rebecca Zumeta Edmonds. Additionally, DLD related highlights from the conference included 20 presentations or demonstrations on the education of students with learning disabilities in the areas of math, writing, and reading among others.

The DLD Annual Business meeting and Reception was held for members on Thursday evening. This year those who joined us received a blue DLD embossed water bottle! During the Business meeting, John Lloyd was recognized for his exemplary service to DLD as Executive Director and past President. The Executive Board voted to honor John’s legacy by naming the Doctoral Research Award after him.

The business meeting is always a wonderful chance to honor the hard work of members across the country. During the business meeting the following awards were presented:

·         Janette Fleischner Award presented to Joanna Willaims (Lynn Fuchs accepted on her behalf)

·         Outstanding Educator Award presented to Angela Rogers

·         Marva Collins Award presented to Ivan Borras

·         Sam Kirk Award was presented to two teams of researchers. First, The best research article was awarded to Eunsoo Choo, Garrett Roberts, Philip Capin, Greg Roberts, Jeremy Miciak and Sharon Vaughn for their paper on a fourth grade reading intervention. Second, the best practice article was awarded to Sarah Powell and Lynn Fuchs for their work on intensive interventions in math.

·         John Lloyd Outstanding Dissertation Award presented to Laura Steacy, PhD

After the Annual Business meeting about 150 conference attendees joined us for the DLD reception. Student representative Alex Miller helped organize research poster presentations by 10 graduate students for reception attendees to enjoy.  

Moving Forward

The DLD Board is actively working to make this another great year for DLD members.  The Executive Board will be meeting in Chapel Hill, NC in late September and will join with the new North Carolina DLD subdivision headed by President Debbie Holzberg and her team. In October, several DLD Executive Board members will be representing children with learning disabilities and the professionals who work with them at the International Congress on Teacher Training and Education Research DOCENCIA 2016 in Cuba. Finally, we hope you will join other DLD members for the CEC Conference next year in Boston, MA from April 19-22.

If you would like to be more involved with DLD activities, please contact officers, committee chairs, or editors by referencing contact information at http://teachingld.org/officers