DLD Session at CEC to Honor Janette Klingner

DLD Session at CEC to Honor Janette Klingner


Tribute to Janette Klingner:  The Contribution of Collaborative Strategic Reading to Reading Comprehension Research 


To honor and celebrate Janette Klingner’s vision for conducting high quality intervention research on reading comprehension for struggling readers, students with disabilities, and English learners, this symposium offers a look at Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR) over time. Twenty years of research on CSR has demonstrated reading comprehension gains for diverse students in mixed-ability classrooms. CSR combines before, during, and after reading strategies with student-led cooperative learning group work to support access to grade level content area text. Presentations will describe: (a) the history of Collaborative Strategic Reading; (b) findings from studies in language arts, social studies, and science in grades 4-8, highlighting the positive outcomes of CSR for students with learning disabilities, students with Autism, and English learners; and (c) a district partnership to integrate CSR into middle school classrooms. Participants will see video examples of effective CSR instruction and will be provided with access to classroom materials and lesson plans.


Presenters Include:


Alison Gould Boardman (Leader), Assistant Research Professor, University of Colorado Boulder

Sharon Vaughn(discussant), Professor

Executive Director, The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk

Brooke Moore, Research Associate, University of Colorado Boulder

Amy Boele, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Denver

Colleen Reutebuch, Senior Project Manager, University of Texas at Austin