DLD at CEC Update

DLD Program Update for the CEC conference in San Diego

DLD was fortunate to have 117 proposals submitted for review for the CEC program in San Diego. However, we only had slots for 47 sessions and posters. Every attempt was made to accept sessions as multiple presentation (this year with no more than two sets of presenters in each 1-hour presentation) to be able to accept each of the high quality proposals we received. Each proposal was rated by external reviewers who were hand-selected because of their expertise in the areas of learning disabilities, instructional strategies, etc. Following rating by reviewers, the proposal rankings and comments were reviewed and rank ordered. The top proposals were accepted and then those that were on the cusp were reviewed again, noting content, comments, and ranking. Finally, some participants were contacted to assure that they were willing to take an alternate session or a multiple presentation session and decisions were submitted. The process was systematic and detailed, with each step documented.

In the future, in order to accommodate more of the excellent proposals we receive, we are hoping to put 3 teams in each multiple presentation slot. This will mean that content will need to be streamlined. However, we feel that it’s important to have an opportunity for as many participants as possible to present their high quality content.

If you had doctoral students who submitted to CEC this year and were not accepted, please encourage them to submit a proposal to the DLD student poster session. See page four of this newsletter or more information can be found on the TeachingLD.org website.

Thank you again for your submissions and we look forward to seeing you and learning from you in San Diego!