Division of Learning Disabilities Student Poster Showcase: CEC 2019

Data-Based Individualization in an Algebraic Readiness Systematic Framework

Erica Mason, Stacy Hirt, Taylor Cox, and Tiffani Pruitt-Britton 

An exemplar systematic framework for supporting the algebra-readiness of students at-risk or identified with a specific learning disability in the area of mathematics. Presenters will communicate theoretical and practical frameworks focusing on the process of systematic data-based individualization (DBI) and key components of assessments and decision making for algebraic readiness utilizing a universal screener, progress monitoring measure, and diagnostic assessment.



Effects of Interventions of Differing Intensities on Reading Outcomes

Rachel Donegan

In the current investigation, we examined the effects of a multicomponent reading intervention implemented at two different intensities on the reading outcomes of 4th-grade students with or at risk for disabilities. Preliminary analysis indicates significant effects on word reading outcomes for students that participated in the intensive implementation.


Speech-language Pathologists’ Behavior Management Training and Reported Knowledge of Evidence-Based Strategies

Erin Stehle Wallace and Kelsey Turner

A survey examined SLPs’ behavior management training, and their knowledge of evidence-based strategies when working with students with speech-language impairment (SLI) and challenging behaviors. 91% reported they did not receive a course in behavior management during their graduate program, and 51% experience challenging behaviors more than once per day.


Elusive Lessons: Research on Transition Services for College-Bound Students with Learning Disabilities

Jordan Abbott

This comprehensive literature review, synthesizing research on transition services for college-bound students with learning disabilities, delves deeply into the studies published on the topic to reveal effective practices as well as the shortcomings of the relevant research base. Implications for service delivery and future research are presented.


Number Line Tasks to Support Deeper Understanding of Number Concepts

Jessica Kamuru

The purpose of this poster is to present findings of a qualitative study that examined how second-grade students, teacher- identified as struggling in mathematics, developed ideas about the number line. We provide examples of tasks and the conceptual ideas they were focused on along with changes in student ideas of critical concepts in number.


English Learners in Special Education: What is Published Across The Field?

Carlos Lavin

This poster synthesizes the current research literature on ELs published in special education journals over the past 16 years. Research questions examined what is the topic, and interventions published specifically regarding ELs in special education. Findings reveal a dearth of research on interventions for ELs.


A Synthesis: Morphological Awareness Interventions and the Effects on Literacy Outcomes

Stacie Brady

This poster synthesizes the current research literature on the effects of morphological awareness intervention on literacy outcomes with struggling readers in kindergarten through 8th grade. The synthesis will review and analyze the types of morphological interventions that have been used to attempt to increase reading outcomes in students who struggle with reading. Findings suggest that morphological awareness intervention positively affects literacy outcomes in reading, vocabulary, and spelling.