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DLD Community

The Division for Learning Disabilities is made up of professionals and parents who work with students with learning disabilities. We are a strong community, seeking answers to every day questions about how to help students meet their goals. TeachingLD brings this community together here.

Our Blog

TeachingLD Blog is the place to watch for breaking news about TeachingLD, the Division for Learning Disabilities, and Learning Disabilities around the world.

Lesson Plans Database

This database is a compilation of lesson plans submitted by teachers who have used practices described on TeachingLD. Try them and then let us know how they go by submitting a blog post.


The Division for Learning Disabilities and TeachingLD have collaborated with other organizations, agencies, and businesses in their efforts to advance the cause of learning disabilities. We recognize some of those partners and friends here as a way of saying thanks and of encouraging our visitors to look with favor on them.

Children and Youth Action Network (CAN) Reports

David Bateman, our Public Policy committee chair, keeps everyone up-to-date on what is going on in policy discussions. Read his regular reports here.

DLD on Social Media

Visit our Social Media page to learn how to connect with DLD on Facebook and Twitter.