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David Bateman, chair of the Public Policy Committee for the Division for Learning Disabilities, provides brief reports forTeachingLD.org so that visitors can keep informed about important developments in policies affecting students with learning disabilities and their teachers.  Here are the latest notes from David (as well as links to earlier posts).

January 11, 2017

Endrew F., Supreme Court Case

On January 11, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments on what has the possibility of being the most important special education case in many years. The issue is:

What is the level of educational benefit that school districts must confer on children with disabilities to provide them with the free appropriate public education guaranteed by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Read the transcript of the oral arguments here.

The Supreme Court ruled on appropriate education back in 1982 in the Rowley decision.

Linked here are: (1) articles summarizing the case; (2) the statement from the parents; (3) the district response; (4) briefs in support from the NEA, AASA, and National Disability Rights organizations; and (5) the original decision by the court in Rowley.

I’ll post the transcript to the oral arguments when they become available.

David Bateman, Public Policy Chair

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